ManoRun Organic Farm is offering pasture-raised organic chickens.

The chickens are raised on certified organic feed grown locally.

In processing, the chickens are air-chilled. This slower chilling process is more effective at tenderizing and no water dilution means more natural chicken flavours.

Our high quality chicken can be ordered in advance to make sure you don't miss out. Birds come whole or cut.


  • $5.50/lb for chickens weighing under 6 lb.
  • $5.00/lb for chickens weighing over 6 lb. 

SPECIAL PRICE: $5.00/lb for orders of 10 chickens or more

*Fresh chicken available on Wednesday November 2nd after 2pm to November 9th (normal hours of sale are 9am-7pm)

*Frozen chicken available for pickup anytime at the farm.

Please pay cash or cheque upon pickup.

We are now taking chicken orders! Please use the "Buy Now" link to reserve your chickens.

A deposit of $5.00 per bird is required. We will normally confirm  the order by email within 2 business days.