Being a share member of the farm means you get freshly harvested produce, priority access to our first harvests and a break on the price. Here is a break down of the price of a share for the season, by the week and per item. 

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Small Share


Suitable for 1+ adult

24 weeks; typically 6 items per  week

$24.20/wk       $4.00/item

Medium Share


Suitable for 2+ adults

24 weeks; typically 9 items per week

$33.10/wk      $3.70/item

Large Share


Suitable for 4+ adults

24 weeks; typically 15 items per week

$49.60/wk      $3.30/item

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An item is comparable to a store bought amount for example; beets and carrots are bundled, cut baby greens are a half pound, tomato, potato, bean and pea are in quarts. 


At ManoRun we sell a "seasons" worth of vegetables called a "share". A share is your investment in the growing season and in exchange for the cost of that share we offer a basket of vegetables every week from mid June to late November. A season typically consists of 24 weeks. As with all investments you share in the risk. Farming can be impacted by weather and so that can effect the harvest. The farm grows a wide range of vegetables to ensure you have lots of in season selection. 


Shares can be picked up at the farm on Tuesdays from 3:00-8:00pm 

Thursday at the Dundas Farmers Market on Hatt St. from 3:00-6:00pm 

Thursday at Democracy Cafe on Locke Street from 4:00-8:00pm

At the farm, members will be able to select their weekly vegetables. At the farmers markets shares will be pre-packed.

Home delivery will also be available this year!


If you miss your weekly share you can: take more items when you get back, visit one of our other market locations or give your share to a friend or family member.