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Manorun Organic Farm is a family run farm set on the outskirts of Hamilton in Copetown, Ontario — just a short 5 minute drive from Ancaster and Dundas. Chris Krucker and Denise Trigatti, alongside their four children, have been farming organically here for 25 years, offering organic vegetables through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Working to mitigate climate change is a large priority at our farm. Some of our climate change impacts include; growing trees to store carbon, increasing the amount of carbon that is in our soils and using human power as much as possible. We have moved the farm away from a monocrop and pesticide reliant system towards a more natural one called an Oak Savannah. The advantage of growing food using the savannah is that natural eco systems thrive. Soil fertility is built up through deep rooted plants, swales lined with trees act as a water source and a home for pollinators and wildlife, and food is produced on multiple layers — you can read more about our Oak Savannah here. We believe that through the Oak Savannah and other regenerative agricultural practices we can rebuild our organic matter, increase biodiversity, which in turn provides us with more nutrient-dense crops.

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