Manorun Organic Farm offers grains grown on the farm that are organic and fresh. We grind the corn and wheat in house using a stone mill. The grains are ground as needed to ensure freshness and as much nutritional value as possible.

Current grains grown and sold on farm:

  • heritage white and blue corn for corn meal -  $4.00/lbs
  • whole wheat flour - 5 cups at $4.00 
  • wheat berries -$3.00/lbs 
  • bran - $2.00 a pack 
  • black walnut (in shell) - $4.00/lbs
  • black bean - $3.00/lbs

Dried grains are also subject to nutrient breakdown. Since the grains have not been in storage for many years, our grains are as fresh as can be. Come by our store front at the farm to purchase your local, organic and fresh grains.