Meet the Farmers

Chris & Denise

Lovers of nature, food and community, Chris and Denise have turned Manorun into the local hub for all things creative. Growing food is just a small part of what happens on the farm. Together they have created a farm space that has trained many young farmers, grown resilient communities, and provided countless opportunities for family members to pursue their dreams. They have turned farming into a lifestyle driven by art, philosophy, music, and the wilderness.


Oldest and by default the wisest, Naomi has been managing the vegetable production on the farm for many years. A degree in International Development from Guelph University followed by an agricultural internship in Mexico brought Naomi full circle back to the farm. These experiences led to the inevitable discovery that the best place to be a part of the sustainable food movement is to be growing good food for her community. Her role has changed in recent years in order to balance field time with her two young children. As the farm grows, so does her interest in exploring new activities to incorporate into life on the farm


Nakita, the second oldest daughter, is the one responsible for all the beautiful photos and videos you enjoy on our pages. She also manages the farm's social media. Another graduate of the University of Guelph, Nakita went on to study Photojournalism at Loyalist College. Working part-time on the farm allows her to focus on her freelance work and business, Hearth Run Films, capturing family videos.


Youngest daughter on the farm, Keshia now shares the role of management with Naomi. Keshia oversees the majority of the day-to-day planning and field work. Her history degree from Guelph University initially had her digging in the dirt for artifacts as an archeologist. But, an intuitive desire to better understand soil health drew her back to the farm where she still gets to enjoy a good share of digging. Inspired by her brewmaster partner, a future making local cider is on the horizon.


Hunter, metalhead, machinist, and youngest of the tribe of four. Kaleb is employed full time with Toromont, but when he’s at the farm you’ll likely find him tinkering in his shop. He may not get much time in the vegetable field, but he makes sure our equipment is always ready to go.

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