Pasture Raised Chicken, Beef, & Pork

At Manorun Organic Farm we raise our livestock in the most natural way we can. All livestock on the farm are raised outside and have access to a wide range of plants - as well as fresh air and sunshine. There are no hormones or medication fed to our livestock. Livestock typically have a longer lifespan making meat more flavourful and without sacrificing tenderness. The livestock are an important part of our whole farm nutrition plan. Animal manure is composted and spread on the fields. All livestock are processed at a small processor in Troy or Elmira, Ontario. Smaller processors means less time on trucks and in cages or pens. Which reduces stress levels for livestock.


Our Tamworth pigs are forest and pasture raised and fed garden scraps and certified organic grains purchased locally from a small grain mill. They are free to run, root around and roll in the mud. 

Tamworths, a heritage breed, are meant to be raised naturally, as foragers and grazers, with no artificial stimulus. Because of this they also take longer to mature which is why you won't find them in factory farms.

They are particularly known for great-tasting, lean meat with good texture.

Come by and try our delicious Honey Garlic, In the Meadow, and Sweet Italian sausage. No additives and no unknown meats in these sausages. 


  • sausage - $12.00/lb
  • bacon - $12.00/lb
  • pork chops - $15.00/lb
  • loin roast - $15.00/lb
  • ham  - $12.00/lb
  • pork rib - $8.00/lb
  • smoked hocks - $6.00/lb
  • tenderloin - $17.00/lb
  • shoulder roast - $15.00/lb
  • lard - $6.00/pint & $3.00/half pint 

Pork Lard

After years of having a demonized reputation, it's time to return to what is real - animal fat, raised naturally and sustainably, and full of nutrients! This pastured, organic pork lard is clean tasting, perfect for high heat cooking, and produces ultra-flaky pie crusts! When you purchase lard in this form, it has already been rendered and is ready to use. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you’ve never eaten foods cooked with lard, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! You can now purchase our 100% Pure Lard in our store front.

-$6.00/pint & $3.00/half pint 

*wholesale pricing for larger amounts


Our cows are raised out in the fields where they are rotated from field to field. This optimizes animal health, pasture sustainability, and economic productivity.   It is important that all pastures be given some “rest” time to rejuvenate. Small heard size, naturally raised, and a stress free environment ensures that we can provide high care and we can be confident that all our animals are humanely raised.

Knowing the farmer is the best way to know where your meat is coming from and guarantee quality. 


  • ground beef - $9.00/lb
  • pot roast - $15.00/lb
  • striploin - $22.00/lb
  • t-bone - $22.00/lb
  • sirloin - $22.00/lb
  • rib steak - $22.00/lb
  • marinating steak - $15.00/lb
  • ribs - $10.00/lb 
  • bone in shank - $8.00/lb
  • bone broth - $6.00/pack
  • beef tallow - $2.00/pack


Our chickens are pasture-raised, handled with care, and fed certified organic feed grown locally.  

With unlimited access to the outdoors  - plenty of fresh air, sun and space to scratch and peck around in - our chickens are naturally healthy without the use of antibiotics and stress that comes with commercial growers.

We also think this gives the tastiest chicken meat available, packed full of flavour - we are sure you'll taste the difference from a conventional, intensively reared bird.

Birds come whole or cut. Fresh chicken dates vary throughout the year, but we have frozen chicken available for pickup at the farm year round. Please pay cash or cheque upon pickup. 

NEW! Now offering chicken breast and legs!


  • whole: $5.75/lb
  • half chicken: $5.75/lb
  • boneless breast: (1/pkg) $14.00/lb
  • thigh w/ drumstick: $6.50/lb
  • wings: (2 lb) $7.00
  • liver: (1 lb) $5.00


*We only sell meats that are raised here on our farm so you know exactly what you're getting -- pasture raised, fed only local certified organic feed, antibiotic free, and handled with care. This means that when we run out of a particular cut we have to wait until the next processing date to restock. Join our mailing list to get updated info on restock dates and more!