Welcome to our online store - due to our current situation, we are hoping to make your farm-to-table experience more accessible and safe!  We are currently in the process of updating our online store to include what we have in stock. At the moment you can purchase chicken, pork, and beef. We are currently busy planting for the upcoming vegetable season. Bear with us as we figure this out!

If looking to purchase a Weekly Harvest Basket you can find guidelines for purchasing in the paragraph titled 'Weekly Harvest Basket'. 

How our online store works:

Once you order your items, we will get an email with your requests. At this point no prices will show up since the meat price is based on weight. We will weigh the items and give you a final price. 

  • On farm pick-up: please place your order before noon and we will have your items ready by 2pm. 
  • Delivery: please allow 24 hours for delivery. Available for orders of $50 or more. Delivery charge is $7. Orders that are $100 or more will get free delivery. Products will be delivered on Thursday.

**Our hard working hens are not able to keep up with the demand so we will not be adding eggs as an online store option**