Our definition of organic food is that we grow healthy soil. If the soil is alive biologically then the plants will thrive, be flavourful, fresher and more nutritious. There is a reason that we were given taste buds and that is not only for enjoyment, but also to tell us what food is best for us. Organic food grown close to your home on a small diversified farm offers flavours that can only be reproduced in a home backyard garden.

In order to have healthy soil we farm with organic methods that include compost, crop rotation, green manure (crops that get turned under to feed the soil), pest control such as hand picking bugs, and limited use of combustion engines. There are no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones used at ManoRun Organic Farm.

Our definition of "organic" meets the certification standards and exceeds them. For example, in addition to our organic growing methods we also take into consideration the amount of fossil fuel used, where staff come from and the amount of packaging used in our production methods.