Each season the farm has interns that work and live on the farm from early May to September / October in exchange for food, lodgings and education. Part of Manorun Farm's mandate is to support others to learn more about their food and how to grow it. We support others to grow their own food and in some cases become farmers. Come be a part of the regenerative agriculture movement!


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"My internship at Manorun forced me to dive head first into the world or organic farming. I learned by getting my hands dirty, my forehead sweaty, and by watching my mentors, Naomi & Keshia, do what they do so well. This experience will forever be nestled in my heart and it will continue to help me throughout my life as an organic farmer!" -Dale, 2017 Intern

What to Expect:

Interns will get the full farm experience; vegetable CSA & farmers markets, livestock, grains, permaculture, on-farm education, and more. We have built a strong community of good food supporters and provide a desirable learning experience for interns each summer. In addition to a full season of growing, interns will participate in two field trips per month, weekly half-day education sessions, and explore their own farm ‘focus'.


The value of the internship experience is in the learning and we are serious about delivering a high-quality educational experience in exchange for your labour. Part of Manorun Organic Farm's mandate is to support others to learn more about their food and how to grow it. We realize that many interns are aspiring to become farmers one day, so we do our best to provide you with the right learning opportunities. Each month interns will participate in workshops and farm tours and there will be weekly theory lessons covering a range of topics; organic agriculture methods, new farm business training, small equipment mechanics, starting seedlings, soil nutrition, working with livestock, biodynamics and more.

Intern Focus 

This is a self-led learning endeavour designed to give you the opportunity to explore your own farm interests. The farm will provide all the necessary infrastructure, tools, and contacts you may need to accomplish your goals. A list of potential intern focuses for this year include, but are not limited to:

  • Alternative energy
  • Orchard development (fruit & nut)
  • Cover crops and soil health
  • Apiculture
  • Bread Baking
  • Food preservation
  • Alternative greenhouse design
  • Farm business planning/new farm start-up

Living Accommodations & Compensation

Room and board are included and interns receive a small monthly stipend. Interns have their own living space that is separate from the farmhouse. This space includes kitchen, common area, and outhouse. Bathroom facilities are located indoors as well alongside a living room indoors too. Wifi is available in both indoor and outdoor living spaces. The rooms are raised chalets, with a hard floor and roof and roll down canvas sides- similar to 'glamping.' Off-farm internships are available for people who live closer to the farm and may prefer to commute.

Work Requirements

Work hours: 7:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday 

Remuneration: fresh organic produce, room and board (optional), workshops, training tours on other local farms and hands on learning experience.

The work is physically demanding and we work through all types of weather. Come prepared to work hard, learn a lot and eat well! The internship runs from early May to the end of October. This gives interns the chance to be a part of the farm for the whole season and gain experience with:

  • Greenhouse & pre-season preparation
  • Planting/transplanting
  • Making soil mix
  • On-farm composting
  • Soil care: nutrients, cover crops, rotational planting
  • Field planning, succession planting, & crop storage
  • Pest and weed management
  • Small machinery operation
  • Farm business
  • Market & CSA pick-up
  • Rotational grazing
  • Livestock management & care
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